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My Approach


If you are looking for personalized psychiatric care with a physician who specializes in compassionate, effective psychotherapy and medication management my practice may be a good fit for you!


I’m an experienced Board certified psychiatrist trained in providing medication management and psychotherapy to Adults as well as Teens and children. I specialize in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Relationship Issues and Psychological Trauma amongst others. I believe in taking the time necessary to get to know my patients, and not rush them through the "15-minute med check". I may prescribe medications to when clinically indicated to treat distressing symptoms caused by emotional or psychological problems.  Medications are an invaluable tool of evidence-based medicine;   they can significantly improve a person’s life and function. In that case, I will be your professional consultant giving you as much information as possible about the advantages and disadvantages of using a medication.


As a psychotherapist highly trained in classical as well as emerging therapies, I treat these problems while considering a person's life experiences, character traits and behavioral patterns.  I work together with my patient to understand the biological, psychological, personal and social aspects of their symptoms. We then together collaborate and identify treatment goals and arrive at an appropriate treatment plan. I might recommend short or long term therapy,  cognitive - behavioral or psychoanalytic approach. I endeavor to provide you a space where it is safe for you to explore your intuitions, thoughts, feelings, and actions so as to help break away from patterns of behavior that no longer serve you well. 


Finally, as a healer, my goal is not only to decrease the symptoms of distress and disease but to help you in attaining growth, satisfaction, fulfillment and a sense of well-being. I can help you make lasting positive changes in your lives, even in just a few sessions.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


I look forward to the possibility of working with you!

Shalini Katyal M.D.

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